Labour Leadership & Venezuela – “Many people died on both sides of the Battle of Yavin – I condemn both the Death Star and the Rebel X-Wings.”

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The pressure that has been mounting on the Leader of the Labour party to condemn the actions taken by the Venezuela government and that I wrote about last week. Now that Jeremy Corbyn has returned from his holiday the statement came.

Moreover, he failed to do so in a spectacular fashion.

Within the statement, he condemned the violence of both sides.

However, there is no equity in the violence here. The United Nations has now spoken out and lays the blame of the issues and unrest of Venezuela at the highest levels of the Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan government is oppressing human rights of its citizens.

You also get within the statement, that the economy was “too dependent on oil” and that there were “effective and serious attempts at reducing poverty.”

This is an effective attempt at reducing Poverty? Where over three in four people now live in poverty and where food now costs three times the minimum wage.
Any progress that has been made to reducing Poverty in Venezuela has now moved it back to levels not seen before the 1950’s.

As for dependency on the Oil, that is true but surely that should have been for the government of Venezuela to deal with they own the oil company. Instead, due to pricing controls manufacturing in the country collapsed by a third.

I condemn the Labour Leadership for their stance on the Venezuela Crisis and commend those in the Labour party that are taking a stand against it as many around the world are.

Jeremy Corbyn once said that by being “neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”

So yes Mr Corbyn, you have chosen the side of the Oppressor.

PS: Credit to Tom Harris, former Labour MP for the Death Star line.

Labour Leadership silence – Venezuela a better way of doing things?

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In the past Week, the failing state of Venezuela finally took the steps to throw off the idea of democracy and finally descended into an Autocracy. With opposition leaders arrested by the secret police and parliament having now been effectively bypassed.

International condemnation has been swift from the US, EU and the UK.
However, the UN has been strangely silent on these matters.

Individual Labour party MP’s including the shadow foreign secretary have joined condemnation from other left wing parties throughout Europe in condemning the leadership of Venezuela. However, there has been largely silence from the Labour Leader’s office.

The Reason, because I fear that this is what the Labour Leader wants society to be like.
Corbyn & his leadership team have been praising Venezuela for the better part of two decades. Corbyn himself is quoted as saying of Venezuela.

“Showed us there is a different and better way of doing things. It’s called Socialism”

Well let us see what socialism has done to Venezuela?

  • 3rd Highest murder rate in the world.
  • Inflation at 2000%, shortages in basic food and medicines.
  • Bribery and corruption rampant.
  • Freedom of the Press destroyed with protests now going on three years.
  • Tampered elections and opposition politicians arrested and banned.
  • Poverty increasing dramatically.

This is a better way of doing things?
No its not, since the fall of the Soviet Union in the 90’s brought about a decrease in absolute poverty by nearly two thirds and Venezuela is now trying to reverse that statistic.

The Labour Leadership who have for nearly the past twenty years praised Venezuela now need to come out and condemn it and stop trying to claim that what Venezuela did was the right thing to do as it has been proven, as has been proven every time before it.

Socialism doesn’t work.

The Current Parliament Length

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There is a train of thought that the next general election is only months away due to it being a hung parliament.
However, the parliamentary arithmetic makes this in reality a significantly more stable government than the results following the 2010 General election.

The Conservatives hold 318 Seats combined and given the fact that Sein Fein do not take their seats in addition to the speaker these results in the effective number of MP’s to govern a total majority of the commons being 320, the closeness of this number means it is quite easier to pass measures in the Commons in reality.

There is also the additional factor of the Grand Committees of England and Wales where the Conservative party commands an absolute majority.

There is also the factor of the fixed term parliament Act, which has now set the date of the next election of June 2022. It is my opinion that it is impossible to get through in the current circumstances to call an early election, as the SNP do not want another one as they have numerous MP’s on small majorities now and the same can be said of the Lib Dems and Conservatives.

A no confidence motion is unlikely to pass in the next few months, as it is unlikely to pass again given the arithmetic of the Commons.

My view is that this Parliament will last for the next three to four years with the next election to be held in the next decade.

The Election Result, Conservatives Largest Party and in Majority (for the areas that count)

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The Votes have been counted and I must admit I was shocked at the Election results, but then again I really should not have been. As the Conservative Party was going up someone who has never held a real job outside of political campaigning in his life and has spent his life Campaigning.

What did surprise me was the return to two party politics with both Labour and the Conservatives securing around 82% of the vote. It also ensures that the process of leaving the EU will go ahead as both Labour and Conservatives pledged to honour the referendum and leave the single market.

However, one thing needs to be made clear.
The Conservatives still won, they secured the largest amount of Seats and the largest amount of Votes.

The Conservatives will remain the government for several reasons.
The First is the parliamentary arithmetic, as you only need 320 seats to hold a de-facto majority in the House of Commons. The Conservatives hold 318 seats which is just enough once the speaker is taken into account.

The second is that Labour cannot pass any legislation regarding England, Wales and Northern Ireland due to the Grand Legislative Committees.
The Conservative party has a Majority of 60 in England, 36 in England and Wales and 18 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As such, the Labour party cannot pass a single act if it did somehow succeed in becoming the government.

The Conservative party is angry at the result, but as usual that anger will fade and turn into determination and when the next election is fought in about four years’ time the Conservative party will be better prepared.

For now, its time for the Government to get back to work.

Vote for a Leader – Not a Protestor

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This Morning is Election Day, and although there is no surprise that, I encourage my readers to Vote Conservative today.

Not only for a Strong government but also to save the Labour Party from itself.
My Grandfather was a proud Labour Party member and led a Council in Scotland for many years and having discussed his politics with family members and his friends they have left me without a doubt that he would be horrified by what has happened to his Party.

My Grandfather was once asked by the late Robin Cook to be his election agent in the 1970’s. My grandfather told him to get lost as he realised that Cook was a communist and did not believe in the true values of the Labour Party and would rather the UK have been ruled from Moscow.

Corbyn is that sort of man, he is a Protester and not a Leader and this election has been the most Presidential since 1983.
His and the Labour parties proposals are not sustainable in the global economy and it will lead to the flight of capital and personal the Labour says will pay their bills (which is what happened in France.)

One thing that I was brought up to believe that at the end of the day the electorate is always right and as someone who has lost an election this is true. Last June the decision was handed to the British electorate to make a decision and they made the decision whether it be viewed as right or wrong.

There is no doubt that it was made Justly.

Socrates describes the four forms of government and we are in the progress of throwing off the Oligarchy and moving towards a true representative Democracy again.

In order for that Democracy to thrive, the Labour party must wake up and realise that times have changed and that the future is the individual, freedom of choice and global.

Election Forecast – News from the Front

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This Election will end up closer than many thought back when it was first called, and having done deliveries in swing seats and safe seats and I have seen several things that in the past I would have described as odd.

First, that 8/9 in 10 of the UKIP vote has transferred to the Conservatives.
Second, the Liberal Democrats have been losing votes to both Conservative and Labour.
Third, Conservative votes being lost to other parties is only about 1 in 20.
Fourth, Labour appear to be stacking votes up in cities and not the suburbs.
Firth, a weary resignationof  the idea of a substantial portion of the country that this election was not wanted.
Anyway my prediction. (These are rounded numbers)
Conservatives: ~350 Seats
Labour: ~210 Seats
SNP: ~50 Seats
Liberal Democrats: ~15 Seats
NI: 18 seats
Other: ~10 Seats

Conservative Majority of about fifty, not a Landslide or Narrow Majority but one comfortable for government.

The Problem with Nationalisation – What Job Security?

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Another of the Great myths associated with Nationalised industry is the mentality of a Job for Life.

In a previous entry, I covered the loss of capital investment and that being a great failing of Nationalised industry, resulting in the loss of income and the ability to be Revenue neutral and with that the ability for a government to bail out a nationalised industry is limited, as people prefer the NHS and Schools to be funded instead.

As a result, the layoffs begin and the prices rise.

There is very little Job security in nationalised industry history has taught us that.

When Coal was nationalised after the war there was around 700,000 employees and by the end of 1978 there was only 235,000.
The Railways had over 600,000 staff in 1950 but by the mid 1970’s it was only around 250,000.

At the end of the day it is always the individual that will foot the bill either as the Taxpayer or as an Individual as Competition is always best for the individual.

In this digital economy the individual and competition is key.

Nationalisation will lead us to State monopoly control, and these card from 1935 sums up the result of nationalisation and a lack of competition.

The Problem with Nationalisation – the Future & the Past

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I must admit that I am fortunate that I did not live in the dark days of the nationalised industries, but there was one Nationalised industry that I do remember and remember it pretty well.

The Railways.
Growing up in Hampshire I was exposed to Network South East and later to South West Trains when it took over the franchise in 1995.

Now Nationalised industries can work on a day-to-day basis based on their revenue covering their expenditure. The problem falls when the machinery they work with passes its sell buy date and becomes completely impossible to function, and this was the problem with British Rail.

There was no Capital to invest, the Trains that I grew up with were forty to fifty years old, and as a result, they were slow, dangerous, un-suitable for those with disabilities and unreliable.

If Labour go ahead with the Nationalisation of the train companies (the Tracks themselves are already nationalised, how many times we are delayed by signal failures.) They not only do they need to honour the new trains already on order by the companies which is a bill currently in the tens of billions.
But then they need to further invest in getting new trains something that is hugely expensive to do, and if they do win the election then I suspect that the old Intercity 125’s will be operational for the next 35-50 years rather than being replaced in the next 10-15.

And that is the crux of the matter, if you Nationalise there is no capital to re-invest to be competitive and the ability to be revenue neutral is lost and is the hidden cost of Nationalisation.

The Problem with Labour’s Policies

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A short post here

A few colleagues and myself were discussing  over lunch whom would be affected by the Labour parties proposals as they more or less fall into the 5% who will pay for “everything” according the Labour party.

The First said
“Taxes are already too High, if Labour gets in i will negotiate to work only four days a week, company is flexible enough for that and that will drop me below the £80K.”

The Second said
“I was asked if i would consider a role in Ireland, i’d take that”

The Third said
“I’d apply for a US or Canada based role”

Three people who have already made completely legal plans if Labour gets in. This is the problem with “squeeze the Rich” mentality in a global economy it is easier now than ever to move around the globe for work and if just 10 to 15% of the 5% whom Labour intend to squeeze do what has been proposed above the drop in tax revenue will be pushing 30% of the group that pays almost half of all tax.

That is not sustainable.

British Foreign Policy – Weapons of Last Resort

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There is a saying that one man’s Terrorist is another Man’s freedom fighter.
Having read Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on British Foreign Policy I am not impressed.

Although there are some relevant points being made that if someone is determined enough they cannot be stopped.
That is the crux of the matter, the use of Military in British Foreign Policy is the final and most dangerous weapon of last resort and should and only used when all other options have failed.

Without a doubt the biggest failing of British Foreign Policy in the 90’s was the inaction of the both the UK and US governments over the Rwandan genocide.

However, there are two other distinct examples where British Military was forced into action following the failure of all other options.
The 1991 Gulf War and the Kosovo crisis.
The Gulf War was approved by the United Nations, supported by the vast majority of the Security Council including the five permeant members, following the failure of the diplomatic options.
Kosovo was a more complicated example but the amount of war crimes towards the end and the mass graves proved the decision to intervene was the correct one.

Corbyn voted against both according to Hansard.

I will close with this statement.
“History has told us that if you sit by and do nothing, you pay a much greater price later on.”

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