Labour Leadership & Venezuela – “Many people died on both sides of the Battle of Yavin – I condemn both the Death Star and the Rebel X-Wings.”

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The pressure that has been mounting on the Leader of the Labour party to condemn the actions taken by the Venezuela government and that I wrote about last week. Now that Jeremy Corbyn has returned from his holiday the statement came.

Moreover, he failed to do so in a spectacular fashion.

Within the statement, he condemned the violence of both sides.

However, there is no equity in the violence here. The United Nations has now spoken out and lays the blame of the issues and unrest of Venezuela at the highest levels of the Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan government is oppressing human rights of its citizens.

You also get within the statement, that the economy was “too dependent on oil” and that there were “effective and serious attempts at reducing poverty.”

This is an effective attempt at reducing Poverty? Where over three in four people now live in poverty and where food now costs three times the minimum wage.
Any progress that has been made to reducing Poverty in Venezuela has now moved it back to levels not seen before the 1950’s.

As for dependency on the Oil, that is true but surely that should have been for the government of Venezuela to deal with they own the oil company. Instead, due to pricing controls manufacturing in the country collapsed by a third.

I condemn the Labour Leadership for their stance on the Venezuela Crisis and commend those in the Labour party that are taking a stand against it as many around the world are.

Jeremy Corbyn once said that by being “neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”

So yes Mr Corbyn, you have chosen the side of the Oppressor.

PS: Credit to Tom Harris, former Labour MP for the Death Star line.


Labour Leadership silence – Venezuela a better way of doing things?

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In the past Week, the failing state of Venezuela finally took the steps to throw off the idea of democracy and finally descended into an Autocracy. With opposition leaders arrested by the secret police and parliament having now been effectively bypassed.

International condemnation has been swift from the US, EU and the UK.
However, the UN has been strangely silent on these matters.

Individual Labour party MP’s including the shadow foreign secretary have joined condemnation from other left wing parties throughout Europe in condemning the leadership of Venezuela. However, there has been largely silence from the Labour Leader’s office.

The Reason, because I fear that this is what the Labour Leader wants society to be like.
Corbyn & his leadership team have been praising Venezuela for the better part of two decades. Corbyn himself is quoted as saying of Venezuela.

“Showed us there is a different and better way of doing things. It’s called Socialism”

Well let us see what socialism has done to Venezuela?

  • 3rd Highest murder rate in the world.
  • Inflation at 2000%, shortages in basic food and medicines.
  • Bribery and corruption rampant.
  • Freedom of the Press destroyed with protests now going on three years.
  • Tampered elections and opposition politicians arrested and banned.
  • Poverty increasing dramatically.

This is a better way of doing things?
No its not, since the fall of the Soviet Union in the 90’s brought about a decrease in absolute poverty by nearly two thirds and Venezuela is now trying to reverse that statistic.

The Labour Leadership who have for nearly the past twenty years praised Venezuela now need to come out and condemn it and stop trying to claim that what Venezuela did was the right thing to do as it has been proven, as has been proven every time before it.

Socialism doesn’t work.

Cyber Expansion of NATO

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Last July the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation reaffirmed its commitment to the collective defence of the alliance. One newer addition however, was the inclusion of Cyber Security as an element of the core defence of NATO.

The Cyber Defence centre for NATO is based in Tallin Estonia, and has been a key element of NATO defence plans for the last decade.

Following the NYETRA attacks on the Ukraine that crippled Ukrainian infrastructure ranging from supermarkets to power station systems. Ukraine is now looking to formally join NATO. With the finger of blame for this attack right now being pointed at Russia another question has risen.

Would a Cyber Attack trigger Article 5 of the NATO treaty.

Article 5 has only been enacted once, that was after 9/11, and NATO secretary general has confirmed that a Cyber Attack of a certain scale and that could be proven would trigger Article 5.

The issue is the Scale and whether an attack could be proven to come from a specific vector.

Conflicts around the world are already being fought both on the virtual and real battlefield and all future conflicts will contain this element.

British Foreign Policy – Weapons of Last Resort

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There is a saying that one man’s Terrorist is another Man’s freedom fighter.
Having read Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on British Foreign Policy I am not impressed.

Although there are some relevant points being made that if someone is determined enough they cannot be stopped.
That is the crux of the matter, the use of Military in British Foreign Policy is the final and most dangerous weapon of last resort and should and only used when all other options have failed.

Without a doubt the biggest failing of British Foreign Policy in the 90’s was the inaction of the both the UK and US governments over the Rwandan genocide.

However, there are two other distinct examples where British Military was forced into action following the failure of all other options.
The 1991 Gulf War and the Kosovo crisis.
The Gulf War was approved by the United Nations, supported by the vast majority of the Security Council including the five permeant members, following the failure of the diplomatic options.
Kosovo was a more complicated example but the amount of war crimes towards the end and the mass graves proved the decision to intervene was the correct one.

Corbyn voted against both according to Hansard.

I will close with this statement.
“History has told us that if you sit by and do nothing, you pay a much greater price later on.”

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