Deloitte Cyber Attack – How many time does it need to be said

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Install Two Factor Authentication.

How often does it need to be said?

This afternoon it was announced that Deloitte has suffered a Cyber Attack earlier this year. Where a malicious attacker gained access to Deloitte’s infrastructure, and was able to read and access significant amounts of data of Deloittes data.

Specifically they gained access to the email systems/archive and were able to gain access to files and information that was sent to clients.

The investigation however, revealed that the way that the attacker gained access to the network was via an administration account into their Microsoft Azure Service. That was only protected by username and password.

There was no multi or two-factor authentication on this particular service.

This is a major lapse as multifactor authentication just makes it so much more challenging to gain access to a service or account if it is more than username and password.

Multifactor authentication should always be activated on any service/account you own.


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